Participation and Involvement

For any Stormwater Program to be successful, it must rely on the participation of individual citizens. Citizens that are involved provide the critical cross-connections and relationships with other community and government programs. Citizen input is helpful for identifying problems, and determining solutions. Additionally, public participation provides a framework where-by the residents can state their preferences in how the community is managed. Having input creates a greater sense of personal ownership and results in behavior changes for water quality improvement. In the fall of 2004, the Papillion Creek Watershed Partnership teamed up with Keep Omaha Beautiful (KOB) to initiate activities where residents could get involved and take part in activities to help increase awareness about storm water. KOB provides packets of material for marking storm drains inlets to remind residents that dumping anything in the storm drain is prohibited and whatever goes in the drain ends up in the creek. Go to for more information on storm drain marking.